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Natural Nails 


in Northampton

Gel Nails ~ Lash Lifts ~ Brows ~ Pedicures ~ Waxing

Brow Lamination

Similar to a lash lift, brow lamination lifts your brow hairs into a more uniform, fuller, fluffy shape; giving the appearance of a fuller brow without the need for pencils, brow powders and the like. Some therapists that perform this treatment are taught to do them standing up quite significantly, causing them to look quite stark, which can put people off this treatment. But the way I like to do it is to make you look as natural as possible, we're just enhancing what you have to make it look even better and the brows are then trimmed to make them look more natural and less spikey.

The treatment takes about an hour and includes a tint and wax to make your brows more enhanced. This step can be left out should you wish to keep them very natural looking.

It's a subtle change that has a huge impact and lasts between 4-6 weeks. Call to enquire or book your appointment.

*Patch test and consultation required 24-48hrs prior to treatment.